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The "Anti-Floppy" Bow Tie That Keeps a Full Knot All Day

The Luxe Collection:

Premium Quality + Highly Engineered

We thought bow ties STILL weren't built to the level they should be, so we re-engineered ours, over 12 months time, testing everything under the sun. Thick luxury fabrics. Our new LUXEFLEX™ 3-Layer interlining. Premium adjustment system. Click the button below to learn more.

Italian Silk Navy Jacquard Bow Tie that is fancy and luxury

Thick Interlining

Our bowties have a thick interlining, ensuring a full and elegant knot and the right amount of stiffness.

a black bow tie with high quality silks

Heavy Silks

We use heavy weight silks (14mm) that are 55% more thick than the average bow tie.  

a bow tie with high quality textures

High Quality Textures

Bow ties should have interesting, high quality textures. So this is what we deliver.

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Bow tie bulk bundle box of 5 where you can pick mix and match your own handmade bow ties

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Kickstart your collection. Pick Bow Ties to fill your box, and save big over buying individually.

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Bow Tie Subscriptions

Hand-selected bow ties delivered monthly via subscription, with a massive discount. 

Curated collections of best-selling bow-tie bundles at a discount

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Curated collections of best-selling bow-tie bundles at a discount

Olu Tinubu | Nassau, BS

"I only wear bow ties, and have many. Some of the bow ties from other brands are too “floppy”. The bow ties from the Bow Tie Guy are perfect. The hold the knot perfectly and have the perfect amount of stiffness. I am 100% happy with the bows."


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