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How We Build a Bow Tie That Keeps a Full Knot All Day

Italian Silk Navy Jacquard Bow Tie that is fancy and luxury

Thick Interlining

Our bowties have a thick interlining, ensuring a full and elegant knot.

a black bow tie with high quality silks

Heavy Silks

We use heavy weight silks (14mm) that are 55% more thick than the average bow tie.  

a bow tie with high quality textures

High Quality Textures

Bow ties should have interesting, high quality textures. So this is what we deliver.

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How do you wear bow ties? How does aftershave work? All these answered and more! 

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Check Out Our Top Guide

A must read for all men. Check out our guide on how to wear bow ties with suits. From two-button to 3 piece suit, you'll be bow tie ready when you finish reading this one! 

bow tie with suit

Unsure about how to wear a bow tie with a suit? Check this guide out!

Wearing a bow tie doesn't have to be difficult, and when you execute the look, you'll be getting more compliments than you can handle.

Seriously, you'll have trouble getting from your car to the elevator without being stopped by a random stranger for an unsolicited flattering remark.


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The Perfect Way To Effortlessly Build Your Bow Tie Collection!

For just $13/month you get one high-quality bow tie per month!

Put your bow ties on autopilot with the best bow tie subscription on the internet.

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