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Welcome to The Bow Tie Shop! Your home for all your bow tie needs. From a convenient monthly bow tie subscription, to affordable bow tie packs, let's build your collection!

3 Easy Ways To Build Your Collection

Shop our complete selection of individual bow ties, check out our popular bow tie subscription, or score a deal by grabbing one of our extremely affordable bow tie packs!

Individual Bow Ties

Browse our wide selection of high-quality bow ties. Prices start at $20 per tie with free shipping.

Bow Tie Subscription

Subscribe and get a high-quality bow tie each month for $13 bucks. Build your collection all year long!

Bow Tie Packs

Grab our best bow ties in convenient packs for $49 with free shipping in the United States.

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I wear bow ties every day, so I know a good bow tie when I see one. These ties have a hefty interlining, which I like and make for a good knot. Will buy again.

Henry P.

They are definitely not premium $100 bow ties, but they aren't the bottom of the barrel crap $5 bow ties either. For the price you can't beat it. 

Walt R.