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Welcome to, a website dedicated to bow tie wearers and guys who stand out from the crowd. This page will help you get the most out of this website!

Hey there, Shane here, the founder of this website.

I wanted to make a page that listed everything you could get out of this website in one convenient location.

Helpful right? 

If you want to learn more about me, click here, if not, no worries (I'm not that interesting anyway).

Below are 5 easy to-follow steps that'll get you plugged in lickety-split.

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In case you want to put a face to a name... I'm Shane!

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We post lots of crazy funny stuff on our Instagram cause who doesn't like a good laugh am I right?

Bow ties are fun, therefore, let's have some fun...

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Second step... join the bow tie club.

A club for guys who like bow ties... what could be better?

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By joining the bow tie club you get:

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Step 3: Start going through some of our guides right now...

Do you rock a bow tie with a suit a lot?

...then I recommend clicking here to check out our bow ties with suits guide, then head on over to our bow tie outfit inspiration guide located here.

In that guide, I put together over 40+ outfits that look great with bow ties (a must read). I'm always adding more there, so be sure to check it out.

If you've ever wondered what kind of shirt or collar to wear with a bow tie (e.g., wide-spread shirt collar, pointed collar, etc) then click here to find our guide for that...

Perhaps you're a you a vest with bow tie kind of guy? Then check out this guide where we look at vests with bow ties...

bow tie with suit

A detailed guide on how to wear a bow tie with a suit (click to read)

Curious about non-bow tie related things?

So are we...

Which is why we review lots of products men need in their life.

From wallets to suspenders to deodorant, what should a stand out man be buying?

We have the answers in our product review section of the website.

Click here to navigate there!

best wallets for men

A detailed guide on our recommended wallets for men (click to read)

Step 4: Check out our bow tie shop (hint: you might like what you see)

On top of providing kickass guides on bow tie style and men's fashion, we also sell bow ties...

In fact... we have an entire section of this website (The Bow Tie Shop) dedicated to helping you find a high-quality bow ties at a decent price.

  • Individual Bow Ties: We have a deep 130+ style selection of high-quality affordable bow ties. From seersucker to paisley, we've got your bow tie needs covered. 
  • Bow Tie Pack: If you're looking to save a bit of money, then you might want to consider a buying bow tie pack. Each pack is curated in such a way where you get the best bang for your buck.
  • Bow Tie Subscription: If you're really looking to save money and keep your bow tie collection fresh all year long, then a bow tie subscription is where you need to be. You get one of our best selling bow ties delivered free to you each money for just $13/month. How can you beat that?
bow tie shop link

By the way...

If you wear a pre-tied bow ties, this is NOT the place for you. We proudly sell ONLY self-tie bow ties.

If you need help learning to tie a real one don't worry, we've got you covered...

We have the hands down the best "How To Tie A Bow Tie" videos on the internet. You know that hole you make in the back when you're tying a bow tie, yeah, we cover how to get that right every time.

Step 5 (last one): Give yourself a pat on the back


If you made it this far give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

Clearly you give a crap about what I'm doing here, which is awesome.

We're not some big media company with a huge marketing budget and endless resources to create a cool website and convince you that we're amazing.

I'm just a normal guy that happens to like bow ties and providing my thoughts on men's goods.

We've got some high-quality bow ties on sale if you want to check those out and some guides you might find useful.

That's it!

Anyway, that's all I got. 

If you want to learn more about me I've got a page here, otherwise, I'll catch you later!

Respectfully yours