Learn About Us!

This is a page letting you in on the story of me (Shane) and this website. Enjoy!

My name is Shane, and I started this website in November 2015. And I'll let you in on a little secret, November 2015, was the first time I ever wore a bow tie.

Crazy right?

"I firmly believe, no matter how tall or short, fat or skinny, white or black, everyone can (and should) rock a bow tie. "

Far too often, we let the opinions of others influence our decision making and suppress our motivations to do great things.

Up until that point, I let the opinion of others tell me what I could and couldn't do. 

The plot thickens...

For the longest time, I was told that I shouldn't wear a bow tie and that I probably couldn't pull it off (whatever that means). I'm sure, just reading this, you can think of at least one time, you didn't take positive action on something you wanted to do or wear. I know, because we all go through that struggle eventually. 

We are all human, it's built into our DNA to listen to other people's opinions, and that's okay, but when the need to appease others overshadows what you truly want, then you have a problem.

It's your responsibility to understand those internal forces and to take action whether it's rocking a bow tie, buying a house, getting a new job, starting a business, traveling the world, or just singing karaoke in front of complete strangers. 

It's up to you to be self-aware and take action in your own life, but it's my goal and the overarching goal of The Bow Tie Guy to be there to provide just one more positive voice and nudge you along your personal path. 

So why bow ties?

Simply put, I think rocking a bow tie perfectly embodies the idea of standing out and inspiring others to do the same. Plus, I love fashion.  

I am obsessed with fabrics, swatches, the color palette, tweed, peaked lapel suits, wing tip shoes, cordovan leather, and pretty much all things style. It's still crazy to think it took me so long to begin rocking the bow tie. It's also crazy to think how under-served bow tie guys are in the world and how little bow tie fashion education exists.

When was the last time you walked into a men's clothing store and didn't have to perform some kind of elaborate search and rescue for the bow ties?

When I look at other bow tie companies out there, they're creating some really great products, but rocking a bow tie doesn't automatically ensure your stylish or all your clothes fit. There's needs to be some in-depth guidance on how to look your best for those times when you want to be more formal or when you want to be a bit more casual. It's crazy how little bow tie related education exists in the world.

For example:

  • Do you know which dress shirt looks best with a bow tie?
  • Do you know the difference between a $5 bow tie and $100 bow tie?
  • Do you know how to make your favorite bow tie last forever?

I wanted to create a website that not only sold the high-quality affordable bow ties and provided premium bow tie fashion advice but also sold the very idea of standing out.

I want to inspire people to be extraordinary every day.

Let's be honest...

Life is simply too short to not take action. Because I believe, with action comes progress, and with progress, comes happiness. This website and The Bow Tie Guy was created for all the bow tie wearers out there, empowering them, and inspiring others to stand out and be different.

All of your bow tie questions will be answered here, as well as overall fashion advice and daily inspiration to be the best person you can be. Can't find your answer on the website, ask us and you shall receive.