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Absolutely Delighted!

My husband is a bow tie guy - and I wanted to order more ties for him for Christmas. He led me in the right direction (to Be The Bow Tie Guy). Thanks for the beautiful packaging and quality workmanship. Larry loves the ties he already has from Be The Bow Tie Guy, so I can't wait for him to open the new ones on Christmas day. Thanks!

Thanks again for your quality Bow Ties!

So far, so great!

I've only received 1 (well, 2) ties on my subscription already, but I'm already impressed with the ties and the service! The president of the company has personally emailed about an email glitch and made me feel like I was dealing with a real person, not a bot or a faceless corporations! Looking forward to seeing what the subscription brings!

Terrific tie

So, quite the fashion statement, folks ask what (tie) is next? The pressure is on...

Terrific tie

So, quite the fashion statement, folks ask what (tie) is next? The pressure is on...

First rate and fast

good bowties

bowties are good quality and nice style

Great Quality, Look Great

I've received three bow ties now, and they are all great quality. They have a stiffness to them that allows them to hold their shape very well when tied. This stiffness also makes them easy to tie properly (symmetrically, good dimple, perfect size, etc.) All at half the price or less than other places I get my bow ties from. Very pleased!

Love This Company

Great ties and and fun to see my husbands face each time a new tie arrives. Thanks Bow Tie Guy!

Loved the ties!

Would buy again

Doug bow tie

Really like the dog bow tie itI have worn it 3 times

Black Gingham Bow Tie

Came in 2 days! Perfect for the event. Great look and quality!

Amazing Customer Service

I messaged to see if I could have the shipping for a bow tie expedited since I needed it that weekend. My chat was quickly answered by a real person … unheard of today with regards to online shopping … and within minutes he had set up expedited shipping for me and promised he would get my order out same day. When I received the bow tie, it arrived days in advance of my son’s event, the colors were vibrant and it was made of high quality material. I couldn’t have asked for a better shopping experience. Thank you for going above and beyond! — A Very Happy Customer

Two Good Useable Ties to Start

My previous service had declined to only 2-3 wearable ties in six. This service started out with something I could wear right away.

Quality is excellent. The ties are thick enough to hold their shape and won’t slip their knots easily.

Bow Tie Subscription (Any Style)

Great bow ties!

I only wear bow ties, and have many. Some of the bow ties from other brands are too “floppy”. The bow ties from the Bow Tie Guy are perfect. The hold the knot perfectly and have the perfect amount of stiffness. I am 100% happy with the bows.

The Bow tie Box

I absolutely loved my purchase. Can't believe I got such a large number of bow ties for such a great price. I was able to get so many that I got a couple that were out of my comfort zone, such as the pink paisley, which actually has received the most compliments. I usually wear at least one of these per week to work and always get lots of compliments. Thanks for a fantastic product.

Pretty awesome getting breakfast for bow ties!

Knowing I requested breakfast items and receiving two bacon bow ties is pretty comical!

Excellent quality bow tie, that holds form

The bow tie is attractive and ties easily.

Colorful Bow Tie Subsciption

Great assortment of Bow Ties !
I get compliments all of the time .
My favorite so far is the pirates vs ninjas in pink.

Buy these, quit shopping around

If you're like me, you have probably visiting multiple shops and read all sorts of reviews. quit shopping around and buy one of these to try out, you won't be disappointed. I wear a bow tie every day to work. I've purchased cheap, expensive, everything. these bow ties are a great value, they tie straight, they hold their knot and form. love these

Good quality, unique styles

These bow ties are always so fun to get in the mail! I await they’re arrival every month! They are very well-made and have some unique and fun styles.

Bow Tie Subscription (Colorful Styles

Love the styles

White and blue tie

There were some issues getting the tie delivered. A new one was shipped when the initial shipment did not arrive. This shipment was also sent back. Then finally I received the tie 2 weeks later than expected. Ironically the original bow-tie eventually came but I called a left a message on how to return it but haven't heard back.

Excellent quality bow tie, that holds form

The bow tie was easy to tie and held its form during the entire day.