Bow Tie Subscription

For just $13/month, get one high-quality, best selling bow tie at an amazing price (delivered free)! Pick your style preference to get started.

Colorful Subscription

Get bow ties with more creative patterns and brighter colors designed to be more fun and casual. 

Professional Subscription

Get bow ties with classic colors and traditional patterns designed for a more professional setting.

Any Style Subscription

Get a mix of fun and colorful bow ties as well as professional styles to ensure you have a well rounded collection.

Cus​tomer Testimonials

I was nervous about purchasing bow ties from this random company that I found on google but words cannot describe how satisfied I am with these bow ties! I bought two starter packs and the quality is unbelievable! The pictures on the website do not even do justice for the quality and satisfaction they will bring on your neck!!! Thank you so much for this!

Jeffery P.

Being retired and a bagger at a grocery chain in the northeast I absolutely love the bow ties and I get a lot of positive comments from customers. Truly love your products!!!!!!

Richard A.

If you're like me, you have probably visiting multiple shops and read all sorts of reviews. quit shopping around and buy one of these to try out, you won't be disappointed. I wear a bow tie every day to work. I've purchased cheap, expensive, everything. these bow ties are a great value, they tie straight, they hold their knot and form. love these
Erich O.

How The Subscription Works

Pick Your Style Preference

Start by picking your style preference. We conveniently offer 3 different style options!

Get Bow Ties Shipped Free

Every month get one of our best selling bow ties shipped to you for free.

Sit Back And Relax 

Sit back and relax as we fill your bow tie collection with high-quality bow ties.

Reasons To Subscribe...

Reason #1

Let's face it... bow ties are expensive. Our bow tie subscription makes them ridiculously affordable.

Most bow ties range from as much as $55 to $30 (not including shipping). Unless you're okay with getting bow ties on Amazon (which I would not recommend) you're going to shell out a pretty penny for a decent bow tie. A bow tie subscription makes them more affordable at just $13 a pop.

Reason #2

Getting high-quality bow ties conveniently and consistently is hard, a bow tie subscription makes that dead easy.

Surprisingly, FINDING high-quality bow ties is difficult and inconvenient. Physical stores usually have a very limited supply of bow ties and the ones they do have are often low-quality. Online stores can be hit and miss. As a subscriber and club member, you can sit back, relax, and just look forward to getting your new bow ties in the mail.

Reason #3

Finding bow tie style resources is difficult, with our bow tie subscription, you get help.

We regularly email our subscribers to see what questions they want answered about bow tie style. With your questions, we create new guides and give YOU the opportunity to be featured in them! We LOVE to highlight bow tie guys who look great and want to help other bow tie guys look great too.

Ready to subscribe?

Still Not Sure? No Problem!


Each one of our bow ties goes through detailed quality review before AND after being sold.

When we receive our shipment of bow ties our manufacturer, we inspect each one for damage, loose ends, fraying, and just about anything else that might make the bow tie not live up to its true potential. When a customer orders a subscription from us, we check it again before we ship it out!


Our bow ties are sized to fit 96.8% of the population.

Each one of our bow ties come with an adjustable sizing strap that allows for men with necks as small as 14.5” to as big as 20” to fit into our bow ties. If you don’t know your neck size, the U.S. average is 16, so you’re probably WELL within our limits.


We offer the “bow tie compliment” guarantee.

We are SO confident that you’ll love the bow ties you get in your monthly subscription, if you don’t get at least one compliment within the first 30 days of wearing one, we’ll refund your money. Each one one of our bow ties will stop just about anyone in their tracks when they see you. Grab one, try it for yourself and behold the compliments you're bound to receive.


When you sign up for the bow tie club, you join the largest dedicated bow tie community on earth!

We plan to build something huge, and we want YOU to be apart of it! We offer subscribers special bow tie offers and discounts on our products and other products we’ve partnered with. PLUS, when you join our special bow tie community, you get first access to all of our new bow tie guides and information. Unbeatable!


We know bow ties better than our competitors.

Where other companies "kinda" do bow ties as more of a side thing, for us, it's the main event.

We breath, eat, and sleep bow ties to make sure you, the customer, gets the best possible bow at the lowest possible price. 


Our bow ties go under a 30 day trial period.

Before our bow ties go to market, we wear a prototype around for 30 days. If we don’t receive at least 10 compliments from 10 different strangers (at least half of them have to be women) then we scrap that bow tie and go back to the drawing board. With our bow ties, you will stop just about anyone in their tracks when they see you. Sign up, see for yourself and behold the reactions you're bound to get.

Have any questions? Email or call (877) 343-2557

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Will I get self-tie bow ties or a pre-tied bow ties?

ANSWER: Self-tie bow ties only. We believe that men should only wear self-tie bow ties. Don't know how to tie one? Click here to learn!

QUESTION: Do I get to choose which bow ties I get?

ANSWER: Kinda... just select your style preference to get started. If you want more colorful and creative bow ties, select the "Colorful Subscription", if you want something more professional, select the "Professional Subscription", if you don't care what you get, select the "Any Style Subscription". Regardless of what you select, you're going to love what you get!

QUESTION: Can I return any of the bow ties?

ANSWER: Absolutely, if you don’t like the bow tie you get, just send it back to us within 30 days and we’ll send you a new one next month as a replacement. Just make sure to keep it in its original packaging.

QUESTION: Will I get the same bow tie twice with the monthly subscription?

ANSWER: Nope! We track which bow ties you've purchased from us so you never received the same bow tie twice! A fresh new style every month guaranteed!

QUESTION: How long will it take to get my bow tie?

ANSWER: After you place your order, it will go out the next business day. You should have your new bow tie in your hands within 3-5 business days (we like to give Amazon a run for their money).

 QUESTION: How much is shipping?

ANSWER: As always, shipping is FREE when you order within the United States. International shipping is a flat rate of $15.

QUESTION: How do I cancel my subscription?

ANSWER: If you want to cancel, no problem. Simply email us (here) and request a cancellation and you'll be good to go!

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