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The Luxe Collection Self Tie Bow Ties:

Premium Quality + Highly Engineered

Premium Quality Fabrics

Most bow ties are made using thin 8-9mm silks. Our Luxe Collection has a minimum of 16mm silk weight, giving it a luxurious feel, and a better quality than you will find at your department store.


LUXEFLEX™ 3-Layer Interlining

Most bow ties don't even HAVE an interlining. We thought this we fixed it. Over 12 months of testing fabrics, weights, and designs, we found the right combination of 3 engineered layers to ensure you have a bow tie with body, flex, and one that keeps a full knot all day.

Premium Adjustment System

Instead of the standard "hook and loop" system with black numbering, we decided to take a more premium approach with a nice alloy slider for adjusting the length to fit your neck size. 


3-Layer Interlining

The Lushest We've Ever Made. Finally, a bow tie that isn't floppy.  

bow-tie-luxeflex-interlining by the bow tie guy

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