Bow Tie Tips (#3 Is Critical!)

There are a few key tips you should be aware of when wearing a bow tie. Here are my top 3 bow tie tips in under 60 seconds. 

Bow Tie Tip #1 - Your bow tie width should be proportional to your face

The proportion of your bow tie should be proportional to the size of your face. If the bow tie is too wide, it will look to big as if you're trying to mimic how a clown might wear a bow tie. If the proportion is too small then it will look odd.

Bow Tie Tip #2 - Wear a wide spread collar when rocking a bow tie

When wearing a bow tie, make sure to avoid certain shirt styles that end up being more distracting rather than flattering.

For example, a pointed collar will end up having these extended points that poke out below your bow tie. I would stick to a wide spread collar that keeps the bow tie in focus and the points of the collars hidden underneath the lapels of your jacket.

Bow Tie Tip #3 - Avoid the dreaded "Bow tie gap"

The last tip and perhaps the most important is being aware of the "bow tie gap". 

For those of you who don't know, the bow tie gap is when your bow tie separates from your neck usually due to extra slack in the knot of your bow tie. The result is an unsightly gap between your shirt and the know of the bow tie. 

Simply put, it looks sloppy, ugly, and just down right lazy.

Mind your gap fellas and tie a strong knot.

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