The Brief: How Pants Should Fit + Avoid Embarrassing Yourself in Arguments

The Brief: How Pants Should Fit + Avoid Embarrassing Yourself in Arguments

Never go wrong again when choosing pants and trousers to fit. Learn how to avoid embarrassing yourself in an argument. Also, learn the Getting Things Done method work done faster. Lastly, check out the great deals we found for you this week!

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Dress Smarter:

How Pants Should Fit - Ultimate Guide To Mens Dress & Suit Trousers Finding a perfect fit for pants is a huge challenge and although most people look at the jacket, it's a more difficult garment to fit, getting pants to fit properly is very very difficult as well and often neglected. To understand the proper fit of pants, watch this video.

Personal Improvement:

How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument A recent Ben Shapiro interview has gotten a lot of attention. Ben Shapiro got into a heated argument with BBC’s Andrew Neil, and eventually walked out of the interview. In this video, we’re going to break down what went wrong for Ben and talk about four things you can do to avoid any embarrassment in an argument.

Productivity Hacks:

Getting Things Done (GTD) - Productivity Method Getting Things Done is the brainchild of David Allen, as explained in his book, Getting Things Done. This video will break down for you the core principles of GTD in only 5 steps - capture, process, organize, review and engage

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