The Brief: Instant Trick to Know If Pants Will Fit Without Putting Them On

The Brief: Instant Trick to Know If Pants Will Fit Without Putting Them On

We found some cool "pant" hacks for you this week, and about $400+ in savings. Plus, the simple phrases to use to impress someone you admire. Lastly, be more productive with the "Frogs" Strategy and 3 MITs.

Weekly Deals & Steals:

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Dress Smarter:

5 Pant Hacks Every Guy Should Know

The way you wear your pants can either make you look good or bad. Here are the top pant hacks we found on the subject. Watch the video for details.

  1. How to instantly know if a pant will fit you without putting it on
  2. Tailor Wide Pants or Do This Instead
  3. Hack to prevent your denim jeans from fading
  4. Demin sagging? Here's how to shrink it

Personal Improvement:

How to Impress Someone You Admire Do you often scramble your words during such important times like a job interview or a special date? Avoid the awkward atmosphere by all means. This video will show you how, and see how this cheat card below can help you jump-start the plan.

Productivity Hacks:

The “Frogs” Strategy - Focus on Your Three Most Important Tasks (MITs) You don’t want any ambiguity in your workdays, it’s a productivity killer. Mark Twain once said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Here you will learn the popular productivity hack to help you jump start your day at work with clarity and efficiency.

Hope you had a fantastic new year celebration and we can't wait to share more great stuff with you this decade!

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