The Brief: Winter Hacks for Gentlemen 2019

The Brief: Winter is Coming - How To Survive Winter Like A True Gent!

Winter is coming. More months of extreme cold and piles of snow. Every day will be a struggle especially if you go out for work or even just doing errands. Surely, you are now thinking ahead and prepare for the days of freezing cold. You can relax now. We took the time to gather all the best hacks and deals served hot for you for the winter!

Weekly Deals & Steals:

Lands End 800 Down Puffy Jacket ~50% Off. Found a stylish puffy jacket for a huge discount here. Looks like Lands End has some great winter outerwear gear, so check it out. They also have a very dapper Navy Wool Peacoat for about $150 off. This might make a good addition to your wardrobe.

Get Your Long-Undies (Base Layers) for 70% Off - Sitewide. 32 Degrees has a Thanksgiving sale for 70% off sitewide. The thing I hate about buying base layers is that they can be expensive, especially for the rare occasions I wear them. There are some listed on here for as cheap as $5.99. Stock up! 

Dress Smarter:

Keep Sharp and Avoid These Common Winter Style Mistakes As we get ready to hurtle headlong into the eye of the storm, here is a compilation of 13 of the worst winter style mistakes. (Onesies should go without saying.) Think of it as your sartorial naughty list and resolve never to commit any of them.

Personal Improvement:

Be Perfectly Groomed for the Winter Winter is an awful time for skin and hair.

Lips get chapped, skin breaks out, and hair becomes static-y as it adjusts to the changing temperature and humidity. But it doesn't have to be this way. Here are seven simple winter hacks that every guy should know.

Productivity Hacks:

Stay Insanely Productive Through the Winter Blues Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)—the struggle of keeping your energy levels and motivation up in those drawn-out dark and cold months of increased sadness, anxiety, loss of interest, and inability to concentrate, among other not-so-fun symptoms. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can combat the common disorder and keep up with your to-do list all season long, and these are the best ways to stay insanely productive.

Hope you all have an awesome winter! Enjoy!

President | The Bow Tie Guy