Top 15 Fraternities That Rock Bow Ties

Fraternities and bow ties, almost a right of passage to rock at least one bow tie during your stead at your chosen fraternity. Across the United States, thousands of men are first introduced to the idea of wearing a bow tie during their greek life. To give you an idea below are some quick frat stats to give you an idea how many men participate in greek life…
  • 380,487 undergraduates are members of fraternities.
  • 100,579 men were initiated into fraternities.
  • There are 100+ fraternities, with 6,000+ fraternity chapters on roughly 800 college campuses.
  • There are 4.2 million fraternity alumni in the world.
  • Fraternity undergraduates served for 3.8 million hours in their local communities.
  • Fraternity chapters raised $20.3 million for philanthropic causes.
Given our mission to empower more men to rock the bow tie, we wanted to highlight and give proper credit to those top fraternities that are representing the bow tie across the United States. Take a look at our breakdown: